Alice in Chains: The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here Rating 4/5 After Layne Staley's unfortunate demise from a SpeedBall between the toes aka a syringe injection of coke / speed / heroine mix boiled in hard steel kitchen spoon, life just wasn't ever the same for Alice in Chains. This page is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi) Some teach that the dinosaurs were created by Satan.Supporters of this idea claim that since dinosaurs are ugly and violent, this proves that they were Satan’s handwork. After Kurt Cobain's death Lane was a… “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” finds itself a mere image of its predecessor, “Black Gives Way To Blue.” It might be unfair to compare “The Devil..” with “Black..” due to the massive undertaking that was laid upon their shoulders in 2009 and how well they have delivered the album. If they read the bible they'd know he is a deceiver. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here Written-By – Jerry Cantrell, Michael Inez*, Sean Kinney: B3: Lab Monkey Written-By – Jerry Cantrell: C1: Low Ceiling Written-By – Jerry Cantrell, Michael Inez*, Sean Kinney: C2: Breath On A Window Written-By – Jerry Cantrell: C3: Scalpel Written-By – Jerry Cantrell, Michael Inez*, Sean Kinney: D1: Phantom Limb I of course am an athiest. Grunge pioneers Alice In Chains announced that their seventh album "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" will drop on May 28, 2013. 20 … I want your opinions on what someone said to me the other day. From a production point of view "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" sounds very similar to "Black Gives Way To Blue" (4.5/5). Scientists are so gullible. The Bible never mentions dinosaurs so they obviously weren't created by GOD. Answer Save. Did Satan put dinosaur bones here to turn us away from God? Is this idea supported by the Bible?. What The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here leaves one with is a feeling that Alice in Chains have returned to the top of their game, confident and back on firm … Dinosaurs: Satan's Greatest Trick - 08-05-2011, 07:18 PM I don't understand how so many people can buy into the lie of dinosaurs, it's just ridiculous! I was actually told, and I quote, "The devil put dinosaur bones in the ground to trick us into believing in evolution." Just because there are remains of dinosaurs doesn't mean that they actually existed. First single, Hollow, was released back in December. In December 2012, Jerry Cantrell confirmed that the new album was completed after several delays because of his surgery. It's a trick of the devil. Whatever self-analysis Alice in Chains experienced when making The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here paid off, as it continues the through-line of dynamic, soul-grinding songs the band has been following since Facelift.Cantrell, the group's main songwriter, began working on the album shortly after the group finished its 2010 tour. When the Eternal re-created all things (Genesis 1, 2) he likely brought back these large reptiles or dinosaurs. I am sure there are some religious folk out there that are grounded in reality and would be as revolted as I am about this. In fact these songs could easily be out-takes from the same sessions. Sometime after he made them the world became a convulsing and chaotic mess due to Satan's war against the Eternal (Revelation 12:7). God made the dinosaurs well before He made Adam and Eve.