Kribensis Tropical Fish Learn all about the Kribensis's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. 2.5-4 cm juveniles are for sale, $5 per fish Photo 1 shows the female in front and the male behind her. When I was a kid I seldom see Kribensis in pet-shops. See this thread on Sexing Kribensis on the forum. Then the little Kribensis breaks another rule, it is an African Cichlid that is, yes this is true, a great community aquarium fish, calm and able tank mate, eats anything and … The tank should have a good filtration system preferably with a sponge filter to keep newborns from getting sucked up as is the case with more powerful systems. Kribensis tank set ups. I have been keeping african cichlids for a while and have kept a lot of fish but never kept kribensis. Fast moving dither fish will normally manage to stay clear, but other cichlids will often try and stay around and be battered by these protective parents. Kribensis Tropical Fish Learn all about the Kribensis's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. The fish form monogamous pairs and the best way to obtain such a pair is to buy a group of 6 or more young fish and grow them on, allowing pairing to occur naturally. Does anyone experience with this? If there are multiple females in a tank, and a pair hasn’t formed yet, the females will lower their pelvic fins slightly so that they look fatter! The fish is native to Ethiopian rivers outflows in the Niger River delta.Water from deep residuary waters is rather acid and very soft, but in the river delta the water is brackish, more alkali with much higher hardness parameter, than the waters that feed it. Females have rounded dorsal fins, whereas the male’s dorsal fin ends in a point. They are very easy to breed and often spawn in the community tank. The Kribensis … A good size tank for breeding kribs is one that is between 30 and 40 gallons, but a temporary aquarium can be as small as 20 gallons. i have a mature 30 gallon tank. "); I bought a male and pregnant female from my pet store for my 4ft community tank. They both look gorgeous, their finnage and body colors are striking, they're active, but they rarely acknowledge the existence of the other, let alone do any mating dances together. So you can put your male and the best female into 20g tank and wait. Perhaps a larger belly is a sign of fertility in the fish, and that this helps to inform the male which is to the best possible mate. I have a really lovely pair of locally-bred kribensis in a planted community 90gal tank, and I would LOVE it if they would begin (or even try to begin) to breed! If there are multiple males in the tank, you will see the females displaying for all of them, but the largest males will attract the largest amount of interest from the largest females. Compatibility: Joined: Jan 12, 2019 Messages: 637 Likes Received: 419 Location: East London. Regarding disease, most are now being farm raised but that doesn't mean that they can't contract something while passing through the various holding tanks before reaching your tank. This may not always be the cave where they were spawned, but usually will be if you have left the fish alone for the most part. Almost without fail, the male Kribensis will always choose the female that has the largest stomach. Common Names : Common Krib, Niger Cichlid, Purple Cichlid, Albino Krib Cichlid, Origin / Habitat : Africa, Nigerian rivers. Kribensis will form monogamous pairs in the aquarium. I was thinking of putting a pair in my 4 foot when it's up and running. "https://ssl." You should invest in a 30 gallon hang-on-back filter, but you may also be … To improve the chances of survival for the babies, we recommend setting up a separate breeding tank. Other inhabitants will be congo tetras, boesemans rainbows, and maayybe angelfish, still debating that one. If you wish to house your Kribs with other cichlids it is advisable to avoid species that will compete for bottom supremacy with the Kribensis. One of my female hangs around a pot and actually built a little barrier at the entrance of it. Ideal tank mates are other dwarf cichlids, barbs and tetras. Dmegs Web DirectoryBlog Directory. have confidence me, been there, completed that. Numerous fish breeders, myself included, started out by breeding these little guys. They primarily eat insects, vegetation and small invertebrates in the wild. They will adapt better to a community tank if given plenty of plants, rocks and hollow aquarium decorations to hide in. After the week (5-10 days) are up, the female will emerge with a ton of little swimming blobs. Kribensis fish are pretty easy to mate and breed. A 2ft (60cm) tank would be the minimum for a pair, a 3ft (90cm) or larger would be suggested if kept as part of a community tank. Assuming that this is the same tank as the one in your other thread, then I wouldn't recommend adding the Kribensis. They are not recommended for community tank setups and will even fight amongst themselves around breeding time. It is ideal to provide caves to your kribensis as they like some space where they can retreat to (small pots placed on the sides would do). Angelfish, since they may nip the fins of such fish. Kribensis cichlids will work well in community aquariums with peaceful fish of the same or larger size, but avoid housing them with slow mowing species with long and flowing fins, e.g. David Goodwin (2001), The Aquarium Fish Handbook, D & S books, England. Kribensis Cichlids stay on the small side and are considerd a dwarf cichlid, reaching about 4 inches (10 cm) as adults. The Kribensis Cichlid needs a varied diet with a good flake food or cichlid pellet serving as their primary fish food. Pelvicachromis pulcher, [Online], Available,,, i want to get a kribensis in a 55 community tank. Then you have to figure out what to do with 80-120 Kribensis! i do not want to breed them. If going for a … That being said, having been captive bred for many generations this species is usually very adaptable and will thrive in a wide range of conditions. Beginner's Guide on how to breed kribensis cichlids. 2 Orange/Red Chromides + 2 Kribensis The tank is 36" x 12" x 18" ... the Kribensis is said to be at home in a community tank. David Goodwin (2001), The Aquarium Fish Handbook, D & S books, England.2. Kribensis is often kept in a community tank, however care should be taken in choosing tank-mates.