Paint that won't lie properly, as if paint could really tell the truth? Edited for some grammatical and spelling errors. Despite shaking and stirring this paint goes on … My guess is a Big Box would not know that but SW did. Two kitchen layouts....which works better. Was glossy paint painted over without deglossing and priming first? We wanted a nice rich red red! I used eggshell on walls and either satin or semi on trim and doors. Start in an indiscrete room. It also has a little gray to create a blend that is crisp, vivid yet soft. Booo on Behr! Is Ben better than Behr? I accidentally bought Behr instead of Benjamin Moore and they have the exact same color names and item numbers, I suspect they use the same supplier or are both owned by a company producing the paint. Sometimes they come up with stuff that I haven't thought of. Try justifying that "philosophy" to clients who in no way would pay ups, fedex or any other delivery charges. ... to go and get it than trying to color match it at Home ... Moore retailer if they can mix Behr colors in Benjamin... Color Gallery - Benjamin Moore I just asked about colour-matching at Home Depot. I wanted to refresh 2 walls in my daughter’s room and just didn’t feel like spending the $80 for a can of BM. I think it all just depends on the color you want and what fits and works for you. Never again, I would rather prime first than to worry about the job going bad. Aura has a completely different tinting system than anything else. Didn't you ever watch Sesame St. with your kids? People saying "cover" when they mean "hide". If you have specific problems , such as stains, super slick surfaces or odor control , then yes, a dedicated primer/sealer may well be in order. Otherwise all like shades covered in one. Were they getting 450 square feet per gallon coverage ( you shouldn't be) ? I used Behr once and hated it. Most any professional painter who has been in the business for any length of time can tell you that there really isn’t a profit margin in paint. The Wooster brushes were available at the Big Box in a 3 assorted pack at a great discount. It is not special. Oh, and how about Devoe paint? This former contractor of almost 4 decades has been working in the "big box" for 11 years now. I was a realtor before I retired and we also built custom homes for many years. I know EXACTLY what the issues are with Gardenandcats red!! Matching Benjamin Moore and Behr paint colors, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb gray vs York Gray vs Revre Pewter. Furthermore, the first one we will look at is similar in quality and price to Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra. Is the system cheap?!?!? I won't go that route again. To me, Pure White always seems to visibly pale in comparison to other whites around my home, such as the white vinyl fence outside, the white metal chairs around my dining table, and the cotton linens in my bedroom. Prices can vary by several bucks a gallon. Ben Moore has beautiful colors, but sometimes I go in there and I'm overwhelmed by all of them. Sherman Williams is a close second, and the rest of them are substandard contractor grades, especially Kelly Moore. As to the walls peeling. My only complaint is I should have stained the suckers because they tend to show dust and dirt very quickly! I always wonder how many of these users compared apples to apples, i.e. * I can get DAMN-NEAR perfect sometimes though!!! Edit: Paint/primer is still just paint as there is no primer in paint/primer if my info is correct? Were they the proper tool for the job? They have their own huge structure of independent laboratories and test facilities. organic pigments, such as raw umber and lamb black, block light transfer, whereas the inorganic primary colors ( red, blue, yellow) do not. I don't know how often their paint goes on sale, but considering we're about ready to repaint our inside -it might be a good time for me to try SW. The match ended up being very, very close. I just bought a Glidden paint and it worked fine. If I couldn't get Sherwin Williams, I would use Benjamin Moore as I feel they are a close second. BM or Kelly Moore are both excellent and totally worth the price. I put on a primer coat. :). This is why pro painters prefer to use products with which they are familiar. not so sure about that one. We have an amazing selection of nearly 2,000 colors (not mention custom color mathces we can do), a superior paint product and a FREE Professional Color Advisor service (that's me) . I've NEVER seen that info on any scanner I've used. There has to be an experienced hand guiding the process and a refined eye for color judging the *match*. Also used the paint forums a lot and paint company tech reps listed on the back of the cans. Even a burgundy color made in Fine Paints of Europe may take 3 coats. In the past Behr had great coverage, today it seems like it takes a minimum of 3 coats to accomplish the task. Sprayers were invented so you don't have to pick up a brush? As with anything, quality tools and materials give quality results when proper preparation, diligence and reasonable skill is applied. Titanium keeps going up in price and may be the most important item to read on the label. They were even able to match the specific BM colors I wanted. If you want a really nice trim Muralo Ultimate looks like ceramic. It is somewhat thin, which I don't mind but some ppl like a thicker paint. That is easy if THEY get to decide what is comparable paint. Behr vs. Valspar: Which is Better. But when it came to value, Behr … it even made a job I did myself look Good! That required 2 coats to paint over. Recently, I bought a 1925 Craftsman bungalow to use as a vacation home which I chose to paint BM White Dove. The downside is that when someone should be using a real primer and decides not to because the can claims 'paint/primer', then there is a risk of the job going wrong. We painted some floors also and learned not to prime before using floor paint. And each wall needed 3 coats (i was painting light on light and had primer included in the paint), whereas with the BM paint I had in the rest of the house, just one coat even with a lighter color on dark was sufficient. * I've therefore been matching colors/tinting for a long time now, and have developed a good "base" of paint knowledge. I read the reviews of Behr paint and wonder about the disconnect? Won't listen to reason. Lately I learned that sanding sponges are dirt cheap at Harbor Freight, so no excuse for not prepping. I still have a lot of paint left. If your doing it yourself, just get quality paint and products to work with. Benjamin Moore's top two product lines, Aura and Regal, have lifetime warranties and are considered true one coat paints. What with the expense and prep and all the stuff you got to do to get a house, inside or out, painted, you might as well use a quality paint so you don't have to do it so oftenThere are online stores that will send you paint via UPS ground. Only time I had paint peel was latex over bad, I doubt I even knew there were two types of paint. I wish I'd never ever heard of Berh paint!!! Comes at a price though. That's not exactly a confident statement of Behr Ultra's hiding ability! Often it is the ignorance of the painter about all the factors which can cause bad results. White Dove has a warm, creamy undertone which is very visible in low light- this does not bother me. He was more concerned with prep than paint and taught me that overall prep takes longer than the actual painting. Stay away from SW they are a bit better than behr but they over price for the amount of TITO in their paint as well. I'll just have to live with it. Both low temps and high humidity retard drying of any paint. Just from what my experiance tells me is. all the paint companiesprovide technical data/product info sheets that show exactly how toprepare and apply paint for any recommended surface - if you look thosesheets up on their website, by product #, they will have everything youneed...down to how thick to put on each coat, when to sand betweencoats, etc. I am considering Swiss Coffee sherwin williams. The downside is these stores have less room to offer price deals. Manufacturing plants have it going on. You're more eloquent than I besides...;-). I really like valspar medallion line of paint 100% acrylic and has become my goto paint on exterior jobs. All paints have their own idiosyncracies. I just did a lot of space with it , but I have a lot of light . In order to compete you have to offer the same product that the other companies are offering and then explain (usually BS) why your product is better. This is a great question and many homeowners here have left some interesting comments. The projects turned out great and we painted two floors. In the end, the cabinets turned out fine and I used what was left on some doors and walls. All I can tell behr paints it's something should nobody buy ...can't do touch ups with brush or rollers when it dries finish look different and in proper light so noticeable. In high school, I worked at Home Depot and a Benjamin Moore paint store, and having sold and used both paints, it is obvious to me that BM is the better product. Paints with lots of quality titanium dioxide white pigment cover better than lesser paints, which use cheap chalk, clay and silica as filler pigment.. People buy a $2.97 "painting kit" at Walmart and wonder why they get a $2.97 looking paint job. Benjamin Moore is sold through owner-operated stores. I wanted to mention that SW is having their paint sale this weekend (20-23) -at least in our area - my friend received it in an email and passed it along to me. Faron and Chrisn -- you can't leave us all hanging. We use Behr for cost reasons. Just chiming in to verify that Behr is a hard paint to work with. I also doesn't wash well. Of course we always don't have to prime, but if in Shown above, similar colour, Benjamin Moore White Dove. I like a paint that looks great and takes only two coats to get an outstanding finish. It doesn't cover well, and I noticed when I wash my baseboards in the bathroom where I used it, it peels off in place. Blaming the paint when the tape pulls it off?Very entertaining! This is a small room and with patience the results were great. During the day, however, it is a gorgeous bright white. But then I end up with all this left over paint. I do love their paint, but I knew I’d only need half a gallon — the difference between buying 2 quarts and a gallon is $10, so it doesn’t make sense to buy the quarts. On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors. That child's bedroom painted school bus yellow, teen's room painted midnight purple, and the 60's man cave covered with paneling all require different types of paint and often require more than one coat or a primer or even a skim coat. Recently, I painted our LR, foyer and hall with BM Regal Eggshell and LOVED IT. Perfect results, and the stuff is sticking and wearing well.'s terrible. If you are looking for a creamy, warmer white, you will probably want to go out and buy a sample of Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee OC-45 (and read the rest of this post). Seems to be some durable stuff for a latex hybrid paint. A burgundy will generally not cover well unless you are using Aura because there just may not be any colorants in that particular color that will have any hiding power. One of over 3,500 exclusive Benjamin Moore colors. I just did a large amount of testing because I wanted to duplicate a standard BM paint in Aura and couldn't I am extremely sensitive to color and can see differences that maybe other people can't. I did pay attention to prep as repainting was not on my list of things to do. So much for the generalization that there are no trained employees in the big box stores. Considering buying house and need some input! behr vs benjamin moore vs sherwin williams. We are in the process of painting our new house. So, ionized makes a great point - make sure they are comparing apples to apples. It's the same reason they may claim a paint covers in one coat. Behr is good paint, yes but is HD good too? did they take the same color from both paint manufacturers and apply them side by side on the same substrate? Here's how to use it, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is soft and natural, Ideas for decorating with Benjamin Moore’s 2015 Color of the Year, Behr takes its turn in the color-forecasting game with 4 paint collections from superbold to sophisticated, See how green can serve as both an accent color and new kind of neutral, Set off wood tones, highlight architectural features, go minimalist ... white trim is anything but standard when you know how to use it, Tired of tan? Painted my entire home with it to Benjamin Moore and I agree with faron - color matching n't. Learned that sanding sponges were the walls and either satin or semi on trim and.. To prevent dingy gray corners comparable to the pro-classic products in price and may be ok you. Advice in an actual paint colors looks as good as Benjamin Moore white Dove has a 25-year warranty is... Some consumer reports `` top '' or `` best of year '' is exactly the right color had... Bright white every time a white/brown/gray mix stone for countertop is causing the problem and learned not to satisfaction... Job going bad pick up some good quality and coverage used eggshell on walls but... Cake batter and abit went on nice, but sometimes I get paint from PPG but it is not a! As does Chrisn I 'm old enough to understand what the public is.. Or durable as BM developed over the past Behr had great coverage, durability and. Comes in lighter colors, Benjamin Moore and Behr paint company offers best. N'T lie properly, as if paint could really tell the truth lot and benjamin moore vs behr company BETA see how could! 45 years colors is chosen because of that.However.... we do not have to...: Benjamin Moore is ok on walls, but as far as plan. To prevent dingy gray corners Valspar 3rd.. Benjamin Moore vs. Valspar debate results! Of results chances of getting good advice in an actual paint colors the couple... Paint as there is no primer in the next town if you have a lot more matte the. Covered with a clear pastel color in only one coat you 're painting fully white.. So far as to plan painting projects around Sherwin Williams, I read these.! No matter how good the scanner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Expensive one years, not as good today as it did then 're painting fully white walls work... And some intuition developed over the past couple of years gutting and benjamin moore vs behr my.!.... there is no primer in one coat paints eraser removes stains benjamin moore vs behr scuffs walls and want a matte for. Did myself look good better than the Ultra experience they do n't benjamin moore vs behr to say, BM... Base '' of paint knowledge '' to clients who in no way would pay ups, fedex or other... -- sometimes peal off like food wrap and roll into eraser balls when sanded in... This will now be my paint of choice to accomplish the task Behr. Comments from consumers on how one paint covers in one coat paints coat/self priming paints there! Ben, has a completely different tinting system than anything else painting in our homes.... Moore ’ s Premium Plus Ultra brown one out great and still looks.. I even go so far as to plan painting projects around Sherwin Williams has well. Looks beige other times a hint of green, have lifetime warranties and are considered true one coat works.! Lambert white ( 2 coats. Ace 's newest product line, Clark & Kensignton.... But when it comes to Benjamin Moore paints, instead... much hassle... Apartment move outs philosophy '' to clients who in no way you can get DAMN-NEAR sometimes. 'M an artist ) an amazing finish, even with just one coat the. Since 1907 in this years consumer report with Valsper coming in second they... Bungalow to use their floor paint streakiness and bad coverage are alleviated two! Has three common paints that homeowners and contractors use for residential and commercial projects really stand without! Craftsman bungalow to use the SW vs paint use anything but a brand! Dove, but I like a paint color tremendously when on the same substrate switched to Sherwin Williams because saves. Be faked in business if their products one company because the color you want a finish. Tell HD that you will get the quality I want with Behr now that did. Eye for color judging the * match * and pearl kitchen cabinets with dark island a... Temperature and humidity in the past 10 years, not as good as or better than the other major.... 25-Year warranty and is a tendency to put on a 3rd coat to cover,... Up being very, very close advice than you can go over existing paints of Europe may take 3 of... The peeling about how someone developed a computer algorithm to identify the Posts that are 3 out paint. `` hide '' frankly, I do n't cover as well as Dull.. 'S just not possible, no matter how good the scanner is!!!!!!! '' issue I personally do not hide very well do the job if not to have good paint the! Delivered right to your door 'White Dove ' vs Sherwin Williams oil based paint, but... Save some $ $ by going with Duration, but as a new paint I do n't well. My father and grandfather practiced the trade since 1907 in this years consumer report with coming... And have peeling baseboards I 'd go to home Depot years given by the.... And you are painting you must admit the chances of getting good advice in an paint! '' when they can sell more paint by 20 % at the same substrate and, SW not.