I have tried every combination of options I can think of with no success. ... Beside that it should be compatible with everything that doesnt retexture the Sith Bases either at Taris or Manaan. SITH BASE Complete Overhaul (Taris & Manaan) SITH BASE Complete Overhaul (Taris & Manaan) 3.0 ... drag the extracted files from Part 1 into the KOTOR Override folder. Once that's said and done, we're finished in this room, so go back to the previous corridor and go forward through the door at the top of the corridor, going into the next room. Go farther down the corridor and there will be doorways in front of you, as well as on your left and right. The key to letting him go is to manipulate the control panels on the wall across from him. In this next room, take care of the two battle droid enemies and search their bodies for any goods they might be carrying. This is referring to the Sith prisoner on Manaan who has the access code to the Sith base. A long conversation ensues in which Canderous tells you that if you're crazy enough to race Swoop bikes in the Lower City like a maniac, that you'd be crazy enough to break into the Sith Base here in the Upper City and get the launch codes from the base. If you have 500 credits to spare you can actually offer to help Queedle for which you gain 100 XP and some LSP. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, simply known as Knights of the Old Republic or KotOR, is a roleplaying game made originally for the Microsoft Xbox and PC in 2003, and later released for Mac. Perhaps someone who knew this Selkath would recognize it. In the room at the top of this corridor, you'll fight a battle droid (a very, very strong one) and get to fight the Sith Governor thereafter. If you want the full effect of the experience points that can be earned here, and the items as well, then follow the rest of this walkthrough. Top Voted Answer. Gee... that was easy. There are two pressure doors in the east wall, each with a door control and a meter between them. Go through the right side door. I have this datapad as proof that the Sith are up to no good! When all of the foes are dead in this room, you'll find an Improved Energy Cell and Sith Base Passcard in the foot locker at the left side of the room. Once at the droid shop, talk to the shopkeeper. Fixed an issue with the Manaan Sith Base skybox Fixed an issue with the Taris backdrop buildings Removed the Original Manaan optional file … This would not last long, however, as the Sith categorically refused to accept the traditional Selkath position of neutrality. The desk has a computer panel which gives you the same options as that of the north computer room unless you overloaded its power conduit to kill the Sith. If you haven't been approached by Shaelas, the door to the training annex will be locked. Back in the room where you freed that creature earlier, go through the top door there and into a small room. The missing Selkath are in the dormitory, but it's worth exploring the medical and training rooms first. Keep that in mind! This room has a bunch of Sith enemies in it, and it can be dangerous because they like to lob Frag Grenades. Beyond the door labelled North Computer Room in the north wall is a long corridor with seven steam vents in the floor, each of which inflicts 25 universal damage on Normal when venting. He's worth a huge 700 experience points, and when he's dead, you'll gain access to the elevator behind him. If you haven't activated the Sunry Murder Trial and you speak to Judge Shelkar again after presenting the datapad from the training annex of the Sith base, or the token received from the dying Selkath in the medical room: If you retrieved the encrypted data module from the disassembly room before leaving the Sith base, then you can return it to Roland Wann in the Republic Embassy in East Central. PS2. Agree to the deal, and he'll tell you to go see the droid dealer on the other side of the Upper City and talk to her about buying the droid she's holding for Davik, as it's the only hope we have of breaking into the Sith base. These are glitches that can result in a player advantage of some form. No experience is received for disabling sentry droids, except for those in the security room guarding the north side of the force field since they're killed; nor is it received for corrupting sentry droid targetting, although it is received if when those in the disassembly and flow control rooms are killed by the Sith (those in the security room will only ever inflict a single point of damage on each other with a maximum critical damage roll, so corrupting their targetting is only worth it as a distraction). I was investigating the disappearances of young Selkath. Back in the safety of our Upper City apartment room, Carth, Bastila and your character talk. Once in the Cantina, pass the Pazaak table in the beginning of the area and talk to Canderous Ordo, who's waiting for you just beyond the Pazaak table. It is four thousand years before the Galactic Empire and hundreds of Jedi Knights have fallen in battle against the ruthless sith. Enter solo mode and cross each vent when it isn't steaming (when the vent behind starts, the one in front has stopped) until the door at the north end is reached, then use the steam control inside on the south wall to the right: However, you can receive experience (at the expense of Computer Spikes) for deactivating the steam vents by using the computer panel on the south wall to the left: Overloading power conduits in the east barracks, security computer room and flow control room kills all enemies in those rooms except for a lone Sith war droid in the southwest corner of the flow control room. WII. (By telling the Sith Governor, at the beginning of the battle that you're going to kill him right away, you'll gain Dark Side points!). When his shields drop, he can be damaged and won't last much longer. Underwater Star Wars KOTOR Wiki Guide.As soon as you leave the Sith Base, you are apprehended by the Selkath authorities.What for, you ask Well this ruckus and carnage youve caused at the Sith Base is quite illegal and youre going to be held for it.Youre eventually introduced to your Arbiter hell be to you what you were to Sunry earlier.Answer his questions as … And, of course, feel free to go to the equipment store to buy anything else you might want, although you should be alright with what you have, as long as you upgrade your stuff. Enter the room, disable the grenade and kill both gun turrets in the room. Otherwise, as you arrive a Selkath apprentice is running through the open doorway, letting you in. 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4 - "2". Before this door is one labelled Disassembly Room in the south wall, beyond which is a short corridor ending in a door to the south, with a faulty war droid standing to the left: The droid is actively engaged in its patrol route. Back in the dormitory, Shasa stands to the left by the west wall while three Selkath apprentices stand to her right. With those in hand we're completely done exploring the rest of this base, so go all the way back to where I told you to turn back before going through a door with a powerful droid behind it. Then, search the "first aid" canister in the back of the room to find 2 Medpacs. As you enter this corridor, devoid of any droid or human life (or other life, for that matter), you can either go forward through a door, through a door to your left, or through a door to your right. They shouldn't put up too much of a resistance. If you searched everything in the base and found either the datapad with Sith plans or the token on a Selkath body, tell them you were investigating the missing Selkath and show them the evidence. 5. Search the droids and you'll find some good parts for your T3-M4 droid (although if you want to live, you shouldn't have him with you). 1 0 . Take the elevator up to the top floor and through the door... On the other side of the door, you'll meet the Sith Governor, a powerful Sith Jedi apprentice who wants a piece of you. The elevator to Ahto City in the south wall leads down from Ahto East, with doors in the north and east walls. But cannot get into the training room, because the door is locked. A Sith diplomat will be there. If it fails by this time, try the same course of action another time, using the "Maybe we should do something about Tela" line as a substitute for #4, followed by, "We … Even if you try to sneak past her, she challenges you: The Sith diplomat Commander Grann and four war droids came down in the elevator: if you did likewise, you're moved behind the console to the north, nearest to the Sith security officer: Do not turn your back on her or the Sith diplomat, as both have the ability to Sneak Attack. Once back there, go through said door. That is, after you blast through the plethora of enemies within. Don't let him beat you and have that satisfaction! The door to the training annex is locked if you haven't been approached in Ahto West about missing Selkath. Now, go to her desk and access her computer. Beyond a door labelled East Barracks in the south wall is a small barracks with a Sith grenadier with a Disruptor Rifle and three Thermal Detonators at its east end and a Sith heavy trooper at its west, which is mined with a footlocker by the northwest wall. Before leaving the Sith base, save game and make sure you've done everything you came to do: although you can return later, upon leaving you're arrested by a Selkath officer supported by droids, and taken all the way to the other side of the city where you may be sentenced to death if you're not careful: You're taken to prison, where Bwa'lass, the Selkath selected as Arbiter for your trial, speaks to you: Once he's finished questioning you, you have your first opportunity to tell him you'll represent yourself, or share evidence that the Sith are evil if you found the datapad in the training annex of the Sith base while looking for missing Selkath: The truth does not set you free, and pleading guilty results in being sentenced to death: So you should definitely plead not guilty: People who represent themselves may have fools for clients, but allowing Bwa'lass to continue, or interrupting him to claim you're not really a Jedi, also results in being sentenced to death: The last of four remaining chances to interrupt and dismiss Bwa'lass as Arbiter to represent yourself comes after he's thrown you on the mercy of the court: You can be a fool and still get sentenced to death by admitting any of the following: Stating you're a Republic citizen or innocent is to no avail, and the only thing that can now save you from being taken back to the holding cell and electrocuted is being able to give them the datapad from the training annex of the Sith base: presenting it, or the token received from the dying Selkath in the medical room, as evidence if you can tell them you were investigating the missing Selkath is also the easiest way to be found innocent. Ignore the first door you come to (as it has nothing but a rusted sentry in it), and instead take the door on the extreme left side into the adjacent corridor. They'll use grenades so be careful, and combat them with some of your own grenades. When they're dead, approach the gas mine in front of the computer terminal and disengage it to make things safe. In the room at the right of the corridor, you'll find nothing of interest but a computer terminal. In this room, you will find a plethora of enemies. Once inside a Twi'lek at the desk (a secretary of sorts) will confront you. Then continue down the corridor as it winds. Once inside your cover will be blown and you’ll have to fight. Sith hangar. He suggests that you don't keep him waiting. … Sunry was a Galactic Republic soldier who fought in the Great Sith War alongside Jolee Bindo. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. Beyond the north door the corridor curves west, where it's patrolled by a Sith heavy trooper. It's a small, isolated room with a few Sith guards within it. She's easily persuaded, however, into giving you that droid for free. Come to find out from some other searching that this is because I didn't speak to Shaelis yet about the missing Selkath. Read up on a droid getting fitted with new shields on the Datapad if you choose, then go back to the previous room where we spoke with the secretary. The room beyond the door at the west end of the corridor accessing the disassembly room contains two assault droids, both of which are resistant to energy damage: A door labelled West Lounge in the west wall is the only exit to a short corridor ending in another door, beyond which is the west lounge itself, containing another two assault droids and a Sith heavy trooper. Spike the computer (costing you one computer spike) and you'll have access to not only cameras of the entire facility, but access to the gun turret commands and sentry droid commands as well. Go further up the corridor and swing right into the room there. It's not mandatory, and the walkthrough is written without any of the droids or gun turrets shut off. Some things go too far, off-worlder. An Adrenal Strength, 4 Computer Spikes, and 4 Sonic Grenades. Once you have been appointed Arbiter by the Ahto High Court, you can return to question Elora about her husband: However, this isn't necessary until you've learned about Sunry's alleged affair with the victim. The story goes like this - basically, the Republic has broken the treaty with the Selkath and the Sith and has gone underwater in Manaan. Within it? When you make all five panels shine red, he escapes (and tells you to do the same)... but we're not done here! Manaan: Going for a Swim. You cannot reprogram it anymore. Get your armor/weapons/gear and talk to Trask. Otherwise, you'll need to return to the Sith base in Ahto East again, where you'll find it's now guarded by a single assault droid and a Sith droid has replaced the diplomat behind the reception desk. This is also a sith hangar and a way to get into their base. Your past experience as Arbiter in the Sunry case may aid in your defence now, human, but you must do a better job yourself, given the crimes you are faced with. If you speak to it: You can now enter the base without a passcard. Bastila keeps giving an attitude. There's a footlocker by the east wall in the northeast corner of the room beyond: Beyond the door in the east wall is the south end of a short corridor leading to a junction to the north: to the west end is a door in the north wall labelled Dormitory, to the north end is a door in the east wall labelled Training Room, and to the east end is a door in the south wall labelled Medical Room. This time, go through the door at the top of the room and into the next area. Indeed... That would explain the reason a passcard for entry was found on your person. If you try to open the one to the north on the left: The chamber to the south on the right is empty, but you receive a similar message if you try to open the second pressure door once inside. 21, 18, 16, 15, 15, 16 - "18". In this small room, you will find no enemies, but you will find a footlocker. Go back to your apartment and make up your ultimate party with the members of the party you have available. With T3-M4 at the helm, approach the door to the Sith Base and he'll automatically go to work on it. NDS. In this next corridor, go down the corridor and fight off the lone enemy. Sith Base. As the last hope of the Jedi, you must lead a band of freedom fighters in an epic struggle to save the galaxy. The top room of this corridor is what's of real interest. Answer to the affirmative, and he'll tell you that Canderous Ordo, Davik's personal Mandalorian "peace-keeper" wants to see you. There's a footlocker to the left by the north wall in the northwest corner, and another to the right by the south wall in the southwest corner: Beyond a door in the east wall is a small chamber with another footlocker by the southeast wall, which is mined: This datapad will convince the missing Selkath in the dormitory that the Sith are evil without persuasion.