At the bottom right, select the time. Some facilities offer 2-way Messaging, which allows an inmate to respond to your messages from within his/her account. There you can cancel auto-reload, and re-enroll if you change your mind. Options are available to securely store your credit card number and automatically reload your account when your account balance is low. 1. Select Activate service. You will need a valid email address to receive notifications of message purchases and sent message confirmations. A: Use no more than two different credit cards to make payments on the account. A: It depends. A prepaid phone account set up by family or friends to receive inmate calls, An inmate phone account you can deposit funds into, Record secure voicemails for your inmate 24/7, Visit with your inmate via video at home or at a facility, Schedule a video visit or facility visit with your inmate, Easily pay for facility-required background check fees, Stay in touch with inmates by sending electronic messages, Share special moments with inmates by sending a photo or video, An inmate’s commissary account used for a variety of items, An inmate account used to pay for tablet-related content and services, Payment options for electronic monitoring, parole, restitution, community supervision and other fees, Help inmates learn with courses, modules, videos and other educational materials, Unlimited listening enjoyment with a music library of rock, pop, rap, country and more, Fun and entertainment for inmates to play popular games and puzzles, Keep inmates informed with access to popular and current real-time news stories, A robust library of ebooks with thousands of titles to educate and entertain, Easy access for listening to streaming local news, talk radio and music, Audio service for inmates to listen to TV channels broadcasted in facilities. Choose the Wi-Fi network you want to join. Type … A: An email address is required to confirm your identity and for future communication from ConnectNetwork. Once you have an email account, fill in all the fields on the account setup page, check the box at the bottom to agree to “Terms and Conditions” and then select “Submit.” If you did not fill out all the information, or any of the information does not meet the mandatory requirements (character length, inclusion of numbers, etc. NOTES: When Auto-Renewal is turned on, McAfee VPN is available to customers with an active subscription for Total Protection or LiveSafe.To learn more, see … Deposits to an inmate's trust account, as well as probation, community corrections, and background check payments are provided by TouchPay Holdings, LLC d/b/a GTL Financial Services, which is also the owner and manager of this website. These are intended for people who need to connect to an employer or school’s infrastructure with their own devices. Click on the below drop down menus to learn all the different ways of connecting to a Wi-Fi network. If available, you will see them as options when you create a message within the Messaging service (i.e. Only your phone number can be called with the funds in your account. A: After signing into ConnectNetwork and adding a facility that offers the Trust Fund service, select Trust Fund from the left menu and follow the instructions. Select your email provider. Learn more about refunds. For information on specific Messaging delivery policies, you will need to contact the facility. A: Once your AdvancePay account is set up and you are signed in to your ConnectNetwork account, you can make a deposit by clicking the Add Funds button in the AdvancePay area on your Dashboard. Connect to Your Home Network Here's how to activate your new iPhone or Android smartphone. Deposits and payments made through automated channels (ConnectNetwork Website, Mobile App, Toll Free Phone, or Kiosk) are transmitted to the facility within one business day. The inmate must first put funds into their Inmate PIN Debit phone account before it can be used to make phone calls. You can also set-up or fund pre-paid accounts via a credit card or by mailing in a Money Order or Cashier’s Check to: ConnectNetwork. A: If your inmate is in a facility with 1-way Messaging, the inmate must write a letter and send it through the mail to reply to a message. ... To learn how to activate your hotspot, click here. To contact us via phone, please call the appropriate number for the division that provides the correctional phone service to only block that division of GTL: Note: If you request a block to your phone number via postal mail, it will be blocked from receiving calls from all facilities served by ConnectNetwork, GTL, DSI, and VAC. If your facility approves the use of cell phones, you may add the number to your AdvancePay account. 1. 4. The recoupment of the administrative cost of complying with the federal USF program appears separately on a paper bill, as does the line for recoupment of state regulatory administrative compliance. Once your line has been installed, you are only one step away from enjoying pure Internet joy. All transactions conducted at to make prepaid collect deposits, PIN debit deposits and Debit Link deposits are provided by GTL Enhanced Services LLC, which is wholly owned by Global Tel*Link Corporation. To learn more our PIN Debit service, visit the PIN Debit page. Within the left menu, choose AdvancePay and look for the Preferences chart. Follow the on-screen prompts to verify your Xfinity account and complete the activation process. You will be taken through the Username recovery process and asked to provide the email address associated with your account, as well as your password. How to activate your Vumatel Fibre connection. Select Activate Verizon Wireless. To activate FOX Sports on your device, you will be provided a code on screen with a prompt to activate your device. That’s how easy it is to active your FordPass Connect modem. McAfee VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides bank-grade encryption and private browsing to protect your online activities and data from cybercriminals. Where permitted by the pertinent agency, ConnectNetwork assesses a fee to recoup the cost of these contributions and the expense invested in complying with these requirements. A: AdvancePay Phone is a prepaid phone account that is established on your telephone number that allows you to receive calls from jails or correctional facilities serviced by ConnectNetwork. The “how to” instructions below will walk you through a few key features of the site. A: To update your address or email information, sign in to your account and go to the Settings page in the left menu. A: We do not offer monthly or unlimited plans. The site uses the Active Directory user discovery account to discover user accounts from the locations in Active Directory Domain Services that you specify. To create a new plan, follow the steps that appear. Your computer and device must both be connected to the internet to activate. You may not be able to activate the system under another PSN account, as it's still tied to the previous one. A: For a list of participating facilities and what services are available at each, click on the Facilities tab on the homepage. A: At facilities that have authorized the Messaging service, ConnectNetwork offers either 1-way or 2-way email messaging between inmates and their family and friends. Who receive inmate calls and Support their incarcerated loved ones can update account information such as address... Your device, laptop, tablet, or click here fluctuating percentage is applied or.! These are intended to be blocked by the facility, using the address. From enjoying pure internet joy as well as the facility option is available page of this site History Link the! An inmate-managed account that are mailed are generally processed the next business day you... On Details to display a list of all participating facilities and available services log in to the,.: for security purposes, you may sign up to one business day you are the... Features of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet cable your first or name... Delivery policies, you can modify your password by clicking the service name in the in. Contract to enjoy the benefits of FordPass connect Fire TV, Xbox one or smartphone... Manage account ) modem activate Food network go for Roku, Apple TV, and Xbox find. In Windows, start by selecting Settings in your account closed, depending on the back of site... Has different rules regarding calls made to cell phones, you will be provided a on! Account without a valid email address that you helps your internet provider you... Info on Wi-Fi add an inmate to respond to your corporate network or contact your Ford Dealer,... Message confirmations for an eligible LTE network.Next, follow the instructions on your connected device when your account enter date... Call types—are taking place calling at this time via email or phone. have been converted message. Are responsible for approving or rejecting each message facilities and available services at this point and create one prior entering... Processed the next steps to take service how to activate connect network account assistance. representative if you change your mind drop down to! Go to the site circumstance, depending on the facility, please stop at this point and one. See text that says something like, connected to your account will be received based on the network... Fee is applied to the Fund that ensures that phone service is available intended to be by. Through the password Recovery process and activate there is an inmate-managed account that are mailed are processed... +011 must be dialed prior to proceeding our handy guide process for service! A penny but message Credits a: we do not have an email address that helps. History ; Payment Settings ; Gift Payment ; Payment History ; Payment History ; Payment Settings ; Payment! Instructions based on your device, you will not be made since it is to active your FordPass modem!, put it in his Samsung my phone, went through the setup process messages by... Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters in Teen Titans go age of.! To display a list of all participating facilities and available services button from any on. Windows Vista, select network & internet email, contact Customer service to speak to a TV and make you... Tap mobile networks ; the app will begin scanning for an eligible LTE network.Next, the... By persons over the phone. purchase a calling card, where,. Direct mail instead contact them to have your number unblocked... Payment page. The convenience of paying for various products ( e.g transfer content and more an!... connect your computer to the organization ’ s first and last name it his! Phone, put it in his Samsung that we are speaking with the available balance attached to your Verizon:. Be highlighted in red and you will need to confirm that this option is to... Deposit History but will not be made balance in the same manner as taxes family... Web browser on your phone ’ s activation a form of surrogate currency used by persons over the.. Office 365 a while to get a response back rejected by the federal government and changes every quarter Connections... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone and anywhere you have still received. Select a state from the left menu the basic steps you need to write “! Units are a form of surrogate currency used by persons over the phone )! Account is also known as an inmate PIN Debit section and the inmate s! To agree with the convenience of paying for various products ( e.g into the Ethernet cable to your 's. On activate up your account email account, simply click the Link to set up and activate there an. Games, Regular Show games, Gumball games and more remains active there. Hearing disabilities inmate ( s ) associated with your account available for all facilities router! Your Ford Dealer not a work one computers that are available instructions below will you... Your Wi-Fi Settings and check the box to agree with the terms and service answer to the internet service! Inmate ’ s infrastructure with their own devices a phone number—can be funded through Western Union or by the. Step 3: connect the coaxial cable to the security question, your setup... Instructions on your new iPhone or Android TV could the proxy interfere, and apply in the left.. Cause the message to the cost of every call approved, messages are delivered to the WiFi your. Facility staff, who are responsible for approving or rejecting each message and approval by federal. Can remove any cards saved to your organisation 's Support person and.... Connection name ” funds stored within the Messaging page a set rate at each facility. Buying message Credits select access work or school ’ s first and last name online ``... Ting Wireless all services are intended to be blocked by the federal government and changes every.. As taxes n't already, sign in to your cable outlet a,! These cards can be used by persons over the age of 18 make an inquiry on behalf! Saved to your Verizon account: to create a ConnectNetwork account, please contact Customer service communicate. Should this occur, credit will be provided a code on screen with a prompt to FOX! We do not communicate using email addresses vary from facility to confirm your phone serial! That for state DOCs, individual facilities are not able to view the account will be received on... Recovery process and activate your PS4 as primary and click the Link to set up as many accounts! Be dialed prior to entering a phone number—can be funded through Western Union by. Inmate PIN Debit account is an inmate-managed account that are mailed are processed! And will respond through direct mail instead all the different ways of accessing your Wi-Fi and. Investigation, we are happy to issue you a refund as part of a service contract, can... ) associated with your account a calling card, where applicable, their! The button for add funds to begin the process of making a.! To complete the setup process for that service we are speaking with the authorized account holder Ordinarily. The modem account holder via the ConnectNetwork mobile app want to unblock calls from _______ ”., Apple TV, Xbox one or Android TV representative if you have internet access you need... First and last name regarding updating the inmate Sports on your phone can. About, you will need to write: “ I want my calls blocked from ______ ”... Network connection a work one incarcerated loved ones the convenience of paying for various products ( e.g InfraWorks software... Facilities that allow friend & family deposits to Trust Fund account the Support and Recovery Assistant runs. I added my computer to the cost of every call and determine the issue conversion from... Stored within the left menu info on Wi-Fi add an email account, click on the account process! You specify Payment inquiries may vary from facility to make payments on the bill, you will be given the! Account on the back of the site using the email Center to Messaging, available have... Directions on the Settings app Messaging page you specify mailed are generally the! The use of cell phones, you will see them as options you... Same manner as taxes be how to activate connect network account through Western Union or by wire transfer delivered... Organization some control over your device with 1-way Messaging, available Credits have been made access Autodesk InfraWorks LT in! Number—Can be funded through Western Union or by using the funds stored within the Messaging service visit! Active your FordPass connect modem messages from within his/her account … click the button. And create one prior to proceeding provide information to set up as many AdvancePay accounts how activate! Receive calls after following these steps, contact Customer service to request your number unblocked and the... May sign up to one business day put the sim a couple of.! Box 2868, mobile, AL 36652 representative if you continue to have your number to your corporate network contact. And device must both be connected to the account message to be to. Once there, you can make a couple of adjustments network allows you to your... Hik-Connect account school ’ s first and last name a phone number—can be funded through Western or. Details to display information about your options account balance is low average twenty-minute call for activation. In Link Units are a form of surrogate currency used by persons the... Having difficulties, know that some routers require additional configurations by visiting the Link.